Best Business Intelligence Software of 2017


Business Intelligence Software (or BI software) helps businesses to distinguish their strengths and weaknesses. They are able to produce quality insight after processing and analyzing corporate data. Though some of them evaluate functionality and employees’ performance, their main functions are the discovery of data, management of data in addition to reporting.

The best business intelligence software should be able to discover growth opportunities as well as make use of meaningful insights in the adoption of effective business strategies. Furthermore, they should possess the ability to provide a business with the historical, current, and predictive views of their operations. Ultimately, the capability to combine both internal and external data to give a very detailed overview of a business is what qualifies a software to be considered one of the best business intelligence software of 2017.

Here are three applications which deserve their place on the list:

1. Sisense

This application benefits users in more ways than one making it a worthy member of this elite platforms. It helps in the gathering of information from various sources before unifying them into a single repository which can be easily accessed.

Users benefit from its analysis which is both rich and intelligent by using its very robust visual reports. This eliminates any hassles associated with preparations. The insights can be shared seamlessly with team members, partners, and clients. The fact that nontechies are able to adapt quickly to the system lends credence to its easy to use interface.

Above all, it is fast since it maximizes all the potentials of a 64-bit computer, multi-core CPUs as well as parallelization capabilities.

2. Grow

This application makes the list because it helps creative executives who lead a small team to grow. They do this by providing them with every relevant data that can propel a business towards success.

There is also the capability to help such businesses every time when they need to make adequate and savvy decisions. Its strategy of scattering data from numerous sources in order to combine them into its beautiful and compact dashboards works quite effectively. These dashboards which are updated independently are readily accessible across various devices and operating systems.

They also allow every member of the team to make an input through the comments they make or modifications which they offer.

3. Woopra

Businesses embrace this application which helps them to better understand their customers. It does this through the capture and consolidation of traffic across all digital touch-points. Without having a narrow focus on an antiquated evaluation phase of a customer, it provides all the answers you may need about any customer or an entire segment at just the click of a button. It seamlessly translates heaps of data into an insight of people and how they behave.

With the creation of a profile for all of its users, businesses now synchronize their customer information easily and in real time. It saves users the burden associated with integration efforts by using AppConnect to gather data across the CRM, Marketing Automation, Mobile, Social, and Support tools of a business. These abilities are topped by the way it speeds up interaction cycles to ensure that at the right time, the right content is delivered through the proper channel.

There are other top business intelligence software of 2017 which help customers to get the best out of their businesses.

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