The Best Business Process Management Software Today


There are lots of business process management (BPM) software, but not all of them qualify to be ranked among the best. It is common knowledge that not every product within a particular category is created equal. So it is not just enough for a BPM software to help in the definition, automation, and reporting of processes which would optimize the ability of a business to deliver on their goals.

Part of the strength of a BPM software is its ability to see the complete picture of an organization thereby making it possible for departments to use it. To be considered among the best, certain criteria such as an ability to capture business processes with the capability to create a business rule logic should be met. Five BPM software applications which meet these criteria among other things include:

1. Nintex

This application keeps the workflow process simple. It helps to transform the process of any business through its ability to bring people together with the business process as well as the content of the business. It does this in an easy, quick and seamless manner.

2. Promapp

This BPM software gets into the list because of the massive help it brings to businesses. It allows organizations to build, improve, and share every process knowledge which they have from a central database. It goes a step further to drive the process of a business by making the mapping process simple enough for business teams to own their own process and be able to improve on it.


What stands KiSSFLOW out is not so much of a secret. Of all the Workflow software and BPM, it is the only one that was designed to work with Google Apps. In simple terms, what you get with KiSSFLOW is a simple and smart way of automating the workflow process.

4. Navvia

You may wonder why this application joins the enviable ranks of BPM software that are considered to be the best. The software does not only create a business process easily, but it also helps to improve it in addition to making the management of your IT seamless. With its social collaboration capability, you are empowered to apply a people-focused approach as you build an effective process.

5. Appian

This application does not promise an out of the world experience, but it is very effective in what it does. It does well in the provision of a leading low-code software development platform. What this does is to enable organizations who use to develop powerful and unique applications rapidly. When you create an application on an Appian platform, you help your organization to drive a digital transformation in addition to bringing about a competitive differentiation.

It is not an easy feat to be included among the best Business Process Management software. Businesses which use any of these software must review it as a solution provider. The customer satisfaction which they offer as well as their market presence which includes their social impact all played a role in their inclusion. They have been able to make their mark to get included in the 2017 exclusive list of business process management software.

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