Business Process Management Systems and Features to Look For


In the world of business today, shopping for a good business process management (BPM) system can be quite confusing. A lot of BPM software touting to be the best available have filled the market. You are spoiled for choice between a Cloud-based and On-premise version. There is also a decision to make on whether you prefer a price per user model or a one-time fee payment. It does not end there as some of them would require consultants while the others allow you to do it yourself. With an array of choices forcing you to make a decision, you would need to look for the following features before settling for one:

1. Visual Progress Diagramming Tool: You need to consider the process flow diagram before deciding on a BPM software. The four categories which you can choose from are:

  • No Modeling Tool‘ which uses coding as an implementation process
  • Data Collected through UI Forms‘ which captures a business process through forms
  • Visual Interface Based on Activity‘ which takes care of the entire process including the handling of rejections as well as exceptions at different stages; and
  • Visual Interface Based on Business Steps‘ which differs from the third model as it focuses on a business process’ primary path while the software takes care of exception handling. Only a hardcore programmer who wants unlimited control would go for the fourth option.

2. Drag and Drop Form Designer: If you are a novice, you should go for a form designer that is simple while power users would prefer a BPM software that allows them to customize forms as well as make it do just what they want. BPM software captures and edits data using a form.

3. Role-Based Access Control: Depending on how much access you want to give the information you have, you would require a BPM software that may include the ability to edit a field, be read only, or be hidden completely. This would limit how many persons who have control in the form.

4. Mobile Support: Your BPM software must have the capability to support a minimum of an Android or iOS. This would help you keep your customers who use mobile applications.

5. Powerful Administrator Features: Go for a BPM software which would not require a consultant to be called in for every little issue. You should be able to handle the reassigning of individual tasks, deletion of items among other things. Failure to have this feature would leave you powerless.

6. Single Sign-On: You require a Single Sign-On function to be able to use one set of credentials to sign on across various platforms. It also makes it easier for your IT to grant access as well as track activity.

7. Easy Integration: The ability of a BPM software to integrate with other software systems is very important. This saves you the rigor of having to handle data manually. An integration with API support, REST API, webhooks and the others is compulsory.

8. Reports and Analytics: It may seem not to be an issue but double check that the one you are going for generates important reports such as a snapshot of every open item, what it takes to complete an individual step and entire items, and so on.

9. Large User Base Performance: Do an inquiry concerning how many customers your BPM software vendor has. You need one which is proven to have served hundreds of thousands of users as against one who serves only a handful of users. Scalability is a factor to consider here.

10. Process Performance Metrics: This feature allows a business to improve a process after spotting issues which affect it. As soon as the system data is automatically captured, the administrator identifies if a problem has anything to do with poor process modelling or poor process execution.

With the rapid growth of business process management, new software solutions spring up rapidly every week. This is why it is very important to confirm the existence of all these features before deciding on the business process management system that is best for you.

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