KiSSFLOW Business Process Management Software Review


Over 10,000 customers of all business sizes and industries rely on KiSSFLOW form automation software. OrangeScape Technologies power this cloud-based forms automation solution. What it does is to automate the processes of a business process with the added function of tracking performance.

It can also initiate process requests as well as view any item which requires user actions. You can also approve pending tasks and generate reports using the analytics feature. It integrates with APIs, WebHooks, Zapier End Point, and supports human resources in the onboarding of employees among other functions. The following features come with KiSSFLOW BPM:

1. Apps Installation

Over 50 apps which are ready-to-use can be installed on this application. After installation, you also get a chance to customize it to suit your business style. These apps cover things like travel reimbursements and employee onboarding. They are also quite easy to install.

2. Form Customization

Customizing your forms is possible and very easy to do. All it takes is for you to make use of its drag and drop interface. You do not need to have any expertise to create a form which is just right for you from a provision of more than 14 field types. This allows you to create pre-populated fields, add tables, use logic in building your foolproof form, and easily group data that is alike into sections.

3. Workflow Definition

The workflow of a business is of importance if it is to function properly. This is why KiSSFLOW provides a feature to allow businesses diagram their workflow. You can also use this feature to set deadlines, create conditions, as well as model your business processes just the way that you want it to be. It also allows you to create triggers which would afford you to skip unnecesary steps. This feature makes it possible to create complex workflows which would have parallel branches.

4. Define Permissions

This security feature defines what a user can do. For every business, not every information should be easily accessed by everyone. There are sensitive data which should be privy to only a certain category of people. Using this feature, you can assign a user to be able to edit, read-only, or not be able to see a given task. This tactic helps to promote accountability among the users.

5. Initiate Workflows

Using this feature to initiate your business workflow is as easy as the click of a button. It allows you to handle approvals, clarifications, and input requests from your desktop or wherever you are with your phone. You are also able to ask any questions which you want or have items sent back to any step in the workflow.

6. Monitor Progress

You do need to track the progress of your projects. This feature instantly lets you know the areas where you are likely to have challenges. Another important aspect of this feature is its ability to help you make an accurate guess of when a project should be completed.

7. Advanced Reports

Accurate reports is everything in the successful running of a business since it provides meaningful insights that aid decision making. With this feature, you get to view KPIs, analyze data which is dynamically generated with other teams, export report data, configure ad-hoc reports among other reports which you get with KiSSFLOW.

KiSSFLOW is a workflow management software which helps you to automate work and in the process, reduce chaos. It is a platform which enables the creation of an unlimited number of business applications.

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