Oracle Marketing Cloud Software Review


Oracle is a tool that has the blessings of both marketing and IT teams. It offers a data-driven marketing solution with the ability to increase both revenue and engagement with clients. Although it is best suited for medium and large-sized organizations, small businesses can also take advantage of its capacity to transform all forms of data to make them actionable.

It makes it possible for its users to build targeted segments as well as execute their email campaigns using a single platform. Some features of this application which offer digital innovation include:

1. Automation of Marketing

You can use this business to business sales and marketing feature to segment your B2B database. With the use of compelling content, you can launch an engaging campaign which would interest your clients at any stage of the sales cycle. With the useful insights provided, reading the digital body language of your clients would be much easier. It would help your business convert more sales with the analyzed results.

2. Cross-Channel Orchestration

This feature allows you to orchestrate B2C engagement. You can do more than use simple B2C email campaigns because this feature empowers you to scale across every digital channel. Digital marketing is optimized with personalization at a scale which cuts across various media such as social, mobile, and emails integrated with intelligence and brand consistency.

3. Data Management

This feature does not only concern itself with the organization of data. It plays a major part in turning the data into action. This is used to personalize marketing campaigns. With the data at your disposal, you are able to connect channels, media partners, and audiences across display ad, mobile, social, and web experiences.

4. Content Marketing

Your dream of having the right content delivered at just the right moment to the right person can be actualized as you use the right channel. It guides you as you plan, produce, and ensure that an engaging content is personally delivered across various social channels and personas. With this tactic, you are able to increase your engagement with clients and this would improve your bottom line with improved sales.

5. Social Marketing

You get to socialize more with your clients as you use this feature. With the use of powerful social technologies, you can introduce social to all of your integrated marketing. It would help you listen in to the social conversations of your clients that concern you so you can engage with them better. You would be able to also publish content that is relevant as well as analyze data.

6. Testing and Optimization

Make sure to track and analyze the behavior of your clients across all the channels available to you. With the use of both simple and super-complex testing, you would definitely gain an insight into your clients’ behavior more than ever before.

7. Oracle Cloud Marketplace

This feature offers you the opportunity to innovate. Innovations are connected to Oracle’s open marketing cloud platform. Hundreds of leading apps have been integrated using this functionality.

This award-winning marketing technology simplifies the entire process of creating, distributing, and promoting relevant content in order to promote strategic conversations throughout the sales cycle.

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