Review of DiscoverOrg Sales and Marketing Software


DiscoverOrg is an application trusted by organizations for its ability to give accurate information such as emails, phone numbers, and titles on contacts in companies. This provision saves the sales and marketing team a lot of valuable time as it makes them more efficient in the way they prospect rather than being in the field cold-calling aimlessly.

The database which it provides promotes an actionable sales and marketing intelligence for businesses. DiscoverOrg is one of the world’s leading cloud-based app, and the following are the benefits which it offers its users:

1. Access to Target Contacts: For sales and marketing teams, access to a great number of target contacts is what drives them. They realize that their success depends on how full their sales funnel is. This is why they do not mind cold calling since the more persons they meet, the more their chances of increasing sales. It, therefore, helps to use an application which does not only give you a list of target contacts but has qualified them as prospects likely to be interested in the products of the organization.

Less time is also spent on data entry because of the capability of this application to synchronize with Salesforce. The bottom line is, while it is an acceptable fact that it must not provide the contact of every possible prospect, the accuracy, and effectiveness of the one it provides makes sales and marketing teams more efficient.

2. Customer Support Team: It is a fact of life that nothing ever goes according to plan all of the time. For the singular reason that hiccups do exist, the importance of a customer support team can never be overstated. Users of this application have given DiscoverOrg two thumbs up based on the positive experience which they have had with them.

Some of the attributes which count in their favor include how helpful they are, the responsiveness which clients have come to know them for, and the trust which they build with every relationship. This factor has also contributed to making a good number of organizations buy their software.

3. Data Quality: DiscoverOrg does not leave the quality of data which they offer their users to chance. They are always improving on it to ensure that their customers are well taken care of. If for any reason customers experience some glitch, DiscoverOrg tries to reach out in the quickest time possible. They perform the extra mile in trying to fix any problem experienced by their customers. This has made them a go-to software once the delivery of high-quality data is your primary concern. You would have to really look hard to find any issues to complain about with regards to the delivery of quality data.

DiscoverOrg is not just another sales and marketing intelligence tool. Companies have now come to rely on its CRM integration as a trusted way to keep their sales and marketing numbers safe in Salesforce.

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