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Freshsales is a quality CRM designed to assist high-velocity teams in keeping proper track of their contacts as they solve their inquiries. The interface is easy to navigate, and this contributes to the ability of sales teams to utilize it as a single contact management hub.

This application has a unique way of optimizing sales while making pipeline opportunities a priority. It does not only make sales insights available; it goes a step further to hint on how it can be used to the best advantage of the organization. It has four pricing plans, and the beauty about them is that you only pay for what you use. The pricing plans of Freshsales software are:

1. Sprout Pricing Plan

This is the first of its four pricing plans, and it is designed for startups. This plan which does not attract any monthly fee supports as many as ten users. Like every pricing plan of Freshsales, the Sprout Pricing Plan gets email support every second of the day and a phone support every single second from Monday to Friday. The features available on this plan includes the generation of leads, contacts, accounts, and deals. It also offers a basic lead scoring feature. You also have the ability to integrate with Freshdesk and Zapier. It has an app for Android and iOS devices.

2. Blossom Pricing Plan

This plan which has all the features of Sprout attracts a monthly fee of $12. Small teams typically find this plan to suit them perfectly. It affords them the opportunity to use a deal funnel view feature. Beyond that, they can also take advantage of its 2-way email sync feature. When emails are sent out, there is the capability to track when the prospect opens it. This is very helpful for knowing what proper steps to take next with a prospect. There are various templates to work with plus the fact that it provides notifications to its users. The team can share relevant information by making use of the team inbox feature.

3. Garden Pricing Plan

For a $25 monthly fee, growing teams can rely on this pricing plan to offer them everything from the Blossom Pricing Plan and much more. The additional features which come with this pricing plan include the ability to generate custom reports. It is also possible to create lead assignment rules. There are tools available which help with auto profile enrichment, manual call log, and the establishment of territories.

4. Estate Pricing Plan

If you have a large team, the best pricing plan for you would cost $49 only every month. This final pricing plan tops the Garden Pricing Plan with the availability of tracking In-App and Website events. You can use the Web-to-lead capture and advanced lead scoring features to improve the way you prospect. Finally, you can use the segment integration feature to improve your processes.

What Freshsales has really brought to its current users is the ability to track emails, make direct calls, track events, have access to meaningful analytics and reports, seamless integration with Zapier and Freshdesks, among other things. These benefits have brought in a lot of good words for the software.

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