Review of Grow Business Intelligence Software


With Grow, your team can rally around the right metrics as well as be empowered with data. By being data driven, a business can accelerate its growth because its team objectives would be well aligned.

It is designed to be of great assistance to creative executives who work in small and medium-sized organizations. With its simple dashboard, tracking the right metrics is an easy task. This cloud-based software service is a good tool that works well even if you are not a full-time business intelligence or operations professional. Some of the important features of this application are:

1. Instant Integrations: As much as 150 integrations are allowed by this application. It easily connects all the scattered sources so you can use the united data to get a clearer insight into an easy and fast way. It can add any data source that is not already in its integration.

2. Faster Implementation: A growing business cannot afford to wait for six months to implement a complex solution, which makes the speed of Grow appealing. They instantly deliver value, so your business does not lose energy, time, and opportunity.

3. Fully Customizable Analytics: The disadvantage of canned, generic metrics is the fact that it cannot provide solutions to difficult questions. Grow blends, mashes, and compares data collected from different sources to provide these unique answers. Using its fully customized dashboard, you can view your entire business in addition to getting insights that suit you.

4. Unlimited Users: You never know who might contribute intelligently when given metrics that matter. Grow’s unlimited users feature allows the entire team to be united by data.

5. Data Manipulation: Slicing and dicing data is as easy as a point and click, making it possible for a non-techie to get detailed and specific insights. With its robust capability to clean up data, group, pivot, filter, and apply functions and formulas, Grow allows you to keep track of what matters most to your business.

6. Historical Snapshots: One unique thing about this application is that you do not only have access to your dashboard’s snapshot of the moment, you can also scroll back in time to review historical snapshots of your data. Your previous snapshots are recorded and stored so you can always access it as a way of measuring your performance and progress.

7. Real-Time Updates: Grow allows you to determine how many times you want your data to be updated within a single day. This unique feature gives you the option of once a day or as frequent as every 5 minutes.

8. Automated Email Reports: With Grow, setting up your automated PDF reports to send dashboard snapshots to your team members and any other stakeholders on a daily, weekly, or monthly interval is possible.

9. Over 300 Pre-Built Reports: Just push the button and you would get access to Grow’s pre-built report library. The addition of commonly requested metrics to your dashboard is a breeze. Access to your cash balance, key financials, sales leaderboards, and more is a click away.

10. Data Export: You can export dashboard data easily in various formats. You can also download any data behind your reports into an Excel format to enable you perform any kind of advanced calculations.

If you want a business intelligence software that would deliver a huge Return on Investment, you can depend on Grow to provide the level of insight that your growing business needs.

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