Review of Looker Business Intelligence Software


This cloud-based software is designed to explore and analyze data. As a business intelligence solution, it helps a business in capturing and analyzing data from various sources, for its user to make meaningful data-driven decisions.

It provides real-time access and integrates well with any SQL database or data warehouse. Anyone who uses Looker does not need to spend valuable time coding queries on an ad-hoc basis. How data is being manipulated can also be viewed by a user. The following pros and cons of this application would provide you with the information you need to decide if Looker is a viable option for you.


1. Insight: As a business intelligence platform, it does well to furnish its users with useful insights based on the data which it provides. It digs into company numbers to achieve this feat to reach informed and workable business decisions.

2. Visualization: Anyone who is a non-techie needs all the assistance that can be given. Looker does this well through its ability to visualize data from its source on a daily basis in the most simple way possible. This allows a user to draw informed conclusions, as well as create IFTT formulas and filters without needing the services of a data analyst.

3. Easy to Use: Every department of a business can take advantage of this simple to use application. It is easy for anyone regardless of the person’s level to query data, without having an SQL database knowledge. Also, it can provide direct answers to a question as well as an option to ask more questions. This way, every team member has access to data.

4. Regular Updates: The vendor of this application keeps improving its quality of service. New versions are being released on a monthly basis approximately.


1. Regional Limitation: At the moment, users outside the U.S. do not get the best of Looker. They seem to be U.S-based so much, such that even the office which they have in the EU is largely limited to U.S. West Coast hours.

2. Rigid: Looker does not offer enough flexibility. When you create a model and put it in place, editing it to effect certain changes can be very difficult. Another instance is the inability to organize data which a business of over 60 persons can understand without administering a one-on-one training.

3. Documentation Do Not Match Speed of Releasing New Versions: While it is commendable that the vendor of this application does release new versions on a monthly basis, it ends up being difficult for users to keep track. This drawback is not helped by the fact that the documentations which are meant to explain the updates are not released in quick time as the new versions.

4. Difficulty Unchecking a Field: If at any point you cannot visualize a query, telling the selections on the left side of the field on a quick glance is very difficult. This makes unchecking a field a rigorous task.

Business teams who use Looker are able to analyze supply chains, evaluate the distribution process, interpret a customer’s behavior, market digitally, as well as quantify the value of a customer.

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