Review of Marketo Marketing Software


Organizations with over 100 employees make use of this application as their marketing automation tool. It handles this function very well without costing as much as some of its competition. Typically, some organizations do outgrow their own marketing automation tool. When this happens, they now go for Marketo because it is extremely intuitive. This easy to implement tool is considered to be a good piece of software. The following pros and cons of this application play a role when businesses decide on whether to buy it or not.


1. Intuitiveness

People who have used this software do have lots of praise for it because of the platform’s usability. This doesn’t mean that its user interface is one of the prettiest available, it is just that finding what you want is easy since every single item is well labeled. Getting used to it does not require a steep learning curve thereby making it more acceptable than some other tools.

2. Salesforce Integration

One other thing going for this application is its ability to integrate with Salesforce. As soon as you sync both of them, they do work together in an effortless manner.

3. Easy Setup

It does not take much time to begin using this application after you buy it because setting it up is relatively quick and easy.

4. Great Customer Support and Community

One of the important criteria to consider before deciding on a software to buy is the availability of a support team. Marketo’s support team is great. They also have a community of users who are very active in helping each other on campaigns and technical matters.


1. Poor Landing Page and Form Builder

The landing page and form builder of Marketo comes off as clunky and this makes it a difficult application to use. The reason for this anomaly may be because Marketo migrated from being a lead management tool into a marketing automation service as it is known now. This prompted them to upgrade a great number of their products leaving a few remnants like the landing page builder behind.

2. Reports and Analytics

Marketo offers what many users find to be a limited analytics and reporting functionality. It takes a very long time to have reports produced using this application if you do not add extensions. Typically, producing reports should not require more effort than the click of a button.

3. Steep Jumps in Pricing

The pricing of Marketo provides a hurdle for those who may want to use it. It has three standard pricing tiers that charge a monthly fee of $895, $1,795, and $3,175 each. If you take a close look at the difference between each tier, you would find that the difference between the first and the second plan is $900 while $1,400 separates the second plan from the third one. With each tier having additional features, the cost of unlocking new features appears to be too steep.

What Marketo has done is avail itself as a great partner for its users. With the benefits which it offers, a lot of them have not found any good reason to go for another tool.

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