Review of Pardot B2B Marketing Software


Sales and marketing teams use the insights provided by Pardot to pinpoint areas where they need to improve. This marketing automation tool also provides insight on the success achieved based on the efforts made by the marketing and sales teams as well as help to trace successful campaigns back to them.

More importantly, it helps them in syncing prospects from their CRM using Google Analytics stats. The vital lead data which is captured is qualified and then distributed through the right channels. From there, prospects can be assessed and moved along sales pipelines in real-time for sales reps to make use of. Pardot provides the following benefits:

Prospect Tracking
Sales teams take advantage of this application’s prospect analytics and tracking. Rather than depend on cold calls, Pardot helps them in the qualification of sales leads and the determination of how best to approach them.

Lead Scoring
Based on the assessment made of a prospect using the lead score and grade feature, team members now know prospects who are relevant and follow them up.

Pardot’s C Connector
What this feature does is provide sales reps with important information on a prospect such as the name of the company, industry, location, size, and more.

Lead Management
The ability to gather more leads is improved when this feature is used to capture cold or in-active leads. It makes use of smart-capture lead forms to achieve this. It also allows for targeted campaigns to be run within the segmentation wizard.

Social Media
There is the provision of social selling features. They are used for the dissemination of information on social-media channels. They use various tools such as scheduled social postings, simultaneous multi-channel posting, lookup of social profiles, social “share” buttons, and viewer interaction insights.

Landing Page and Forms Design
The ability to design a great landing page and form is made possible by the WYSIWYG interface which Pardot uses. There is no need for an expertise knowledge of HTML to do this. The landing pages can be optimized for multivariate testing.

Email Marketing
With this, you can easily create email marketing campaigns with either of Pardot’s 36 customizable templates or your own branded templates. To ensure optimum delivery, tools such as automated CAN-SPAM, email authentication, email testing, and PAM analysis are employed.

Insightful Reports
Reporting tools help you to keep track of all your marketing efforts. Pardot uses tools like a closed-loop reporting for connecting each close deal to its source, and Google Analytics Connector for the determination of the relationship that exists between the visitors of your website and the prospect data provided on your CRM.

Easy Integrations
Pardot integrates quite easily with CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Netsuite,, and SugarCRM.

Pardot provides more strategic ways of nurturing leads for sales teams. This is essential to organizations as they are always devising strategic ways of growing leads through a better lead generation combined with the capability to close rates better within It goes a step further by automating the way lead is nurtured behind-the-scenes and showing professionals areas where they can enhance their targeted efforts.

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