Review of Promapp Business Process Management Software


Promapp software promotes the creation and storage of business processes in the cloud. This BPM software is used by lots of renowned organizations across the globe. It works well for organizations who have more than 50 employees, making it ideal for medium and large-sized businesses.

This application comes highly recommended for businesses who want to have their process management improved. With its ability to help businesses build, improve, and share their processes, it provides the required tool to change the management of incident and risk.

Although Promapp comes highly recommended, it is still okay for you to look at its pros and cons:


1. Accessibility

This application is designed with a standard in mind. It is so simplified that you can operate it without having a college degree. No matter what it is you are looking for, the simplicity of its design only requires you to search for it, and you would definitely find it. This eliminates the dependence on people just to get what you need.

2. Easy Configuration

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the vendor, a coding novice can still configure things quite easily because it comes with standard settings. Even an IT geek can change the settings to suit the requirements of the business.

3. Process Map Development

The advantage this brings is that it helps people to follow the process which the map applies to. This saves time that would have been spent ordinarily giving directions. The best part is that anyone can use it to create these process maps. It achieves all these using plain language for its published versions.

4. Customization

You are not trapped with this application. You can customize anything you want just to create a look which is desirable for your business.


1. Need for a Guide

It is quite true that you can find anything on your own on this application. However, the first time of using it would require you to seek the assistance of someone who is familiar with it. This is because this application has so many functionalities that it becomes confusing. There is, therefore, a need for clarity for a first- time user.

2. System Limitations

It is not a 100 percent score all through for this application because of certain limitations. These limitations make the ability to track if a process is going the way you want the process to go impossible. It also does not open links in every browser. There have also been cases where you want to create something, and the tools would not bring it out the way that you want it.

What Promapp brings to the table for medium to large-sized businesses is the ability create, navigate, share and change business processes just the way you desire. There is the assurance of quality and a capability to manage risk and ensure the continuity of your business. This makes Promapp a software which businesses love to use.

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