Review of Real Magnet Marketing Automation Software


Real Magnet Marketing application is designed to integrate with CRM and AMS platforms. Its users find it to be very intuitive because it does not require any special technical skills. Armed with advanced social tools and social analytics it does well to drive an actionable social engagement. It presently serves more than 1,000 businesses of various sizes in a wide range of industries. This cloud-based marketing solution has the following features:

1. Email Marketing

You can create and design emails using its editor and then set it up as automated emails based on events, lead scores, and online activities. You can include an opt-in to the emails which you send out in bulk as a targeted list to help you monitor the delivery of the email.

2. Online Marketing

This feature supports mobile-optimized emails which you can customize to fit your prospects and customers respectively. It uses A/B testing to help you find out what works as well as increase conversion. Whenever you launch a specific campaign, you can customize your landing pages and forms with the ability to track the performance of keywords.

3. Lead Management

Once you send emails to a prospect, you can track which ones were opened and which web pages your prospects opened. You also have the capability to know what they say on social networks. With your CRM you can sync a lead account and get sales alerts for tasks which you automatically create. You can qualify leads based on demographics and send relevant messages to them based on their behavior. There is also the option of a marketing lead database which allows you to record the marketing interactions of your leads. You may also decide to segment your database into a list of target leads.

4. Campaign Management

You get to manage every aspect of your marketing investments with the help of this feature. There is the ability to maintain a calendar across multiple groups. Your marketing campaigns and programs can be managed across various channels. If you decide to hold a webinar or any other kind of event, you would be able to streamline it and do a follow-up if required.

5. Social

You can add intelligent share buttons to all of your campaigns and content to help you reach lots of customers by social profile. By socially engaging your customers you can create automated posts and schedule it for one or more accounts. Most importantly, this feature makes it possible for you to listen to what people say about you on social media channels through Facebook, Twitter, among others.

6. Reporting and Analytics

Analyzing how leads flow through the tunnel can be measured using stage-to-stage conversion rates as well as velocity. You can also create report subscriptions which automatically goes to your team and executives. Using a Return on Investment analytics, you can generate leads, measure them, and do a whole lot more. Web analytics on its part helps you track what web pages your prospects visit most.

With the quick response of their support team, users are always served by reps who are knowledgeable and able to solve problems.

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