Sales Management: XSellco Price Manager Review


XSellco Price Manager is a popular business module which helps every size of business to increase their profits with its ability to offer real-time repricing in addition to a competitor and margin pricing. Its new set of intelligent pricing rules competes with FBA to help businesses tailor a separate strategy based on each rival seller.

By making it possible for its users to keep an eye on the going minimal price, they can always adjust their price at all times. This means that rather than just offering the lowest price, profit can be maximized depending once an opportunity presents itself. It improves its acceptability through its offerings in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German languages. As a spy, XSellco helps its users to make smart business decisions. XsellcoPrice Manager has the following features:

1. Repricing

This feature allows you to know the best time to automatically adjust your price upwards to maximize profit. It makes it possible for you to stay competitive 24/7 in a competitive environment. You also stand a chance to win the Amazon Buy Box at a price that is best for you.

Apart from knowing when the competitive environment provides an opportunity to increase the price, this feature allows you to reprice as fast as possible before your competition. You can set your cost price so that you never sell at a loss while identifying SKU’s with a minimal probability of winning the Buy Box so you can take action quickly.

There is also a scheduler function which allows you to target specific times of the week as a way to optimize your repricing strategy. Your pricing can be kept consistent across every sales channel through XSellco’s price replicator feed to BigCommerce, eBay, Magento, and Shopify stores.

2. Simple and Quick

The provision of repricing strategy templates helps you to get started in a matter of minutes. Take advantage of the seven pre-defined strategies designed to help you win. Adding SKU’s makes the management of a large inventory seamless when you also assign repricing rules in addition to having a minimum/maximum range defined with bulk uploads. There is a powerful search functionality which helps you to access products quickly.

3. Powerful Insights

You can make intelligent repricing decisions based on the ability of this application to spy on the ten top rivals you have on the Amazon marketplace. You are also able to make informed decisions based on how your SKUs sell and so on. It also allows you to know who beats you to the Buy Box and at what frequency for individual SKUs.

4. Flexible Rules

Using intelligent repricing rules which compete with FBA, you can win the Buy Box regardless of your rival seller being located at home or abroad. When your competition runs out of stock, you can take advantage by increasing your price. You can also increase your price incrementally when you win the Buy Box. As you target your rivals with strategies that are tailored, you can adjust your price to sell at selected range if your rival sells below your accepted range.

5. Safe and Secure

This application which has over 4,000 users is an Amazon Web Services partner. With its triple price check feature, you would never sell below your minimum price. Users have confidence in XSellco’s pricing.

XSellco allows you to examine these features for free. Whichever package you decide to go for, you would get a 14-day trial.

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