Sisense Business Intelligence Software Review


Sisense business intelligence solution makes advanced tools available for the management and support of business data that enable its users to make better-informed business decisions. With the provision of analytics, visuals, and reporting, it becomes easier to design plans and strategies which are workable. This is based on its ability to integrate data from various sources into a single database.

Small to large businesses use this business intelligence platform that enables them to turn data into useful insights with the option to share the insights with colleagues and partners through its visually appealing dashboards. It benefits every category of business in ways such as:

1. Handling of Complex Data

No matter how big and disparate the sets of data are, Sisense has the capability to have it visualized and properly analyzed. Its powerful engine makes good use of CPU cache memory. This application easily scales to terabytes of data as it processes and prepares data when a new query is made. It produces results in a matter of seconds following concurrent and ad-hoc queries regardless of the fact that it has to access billions of rows of ever changing data.

2. It Improves on Traditional Business Intelligence Constraints

When complex data was analyzed traditionally, there was the need to involve an array of tools with a department of specialists putting their heads together as they prepare data for analysis and the creation of reports. Since Sisense came into the picture, this traditional way of analyzing data has been eliminated. In its place, it has made provision for users to build data models in a visual environment no matter how complex. With the freedom to explore, users filter and drill down into data in details with the ability to get instant answers to ad-hoc questions.

3. Reduction of IT Burden

It is very usual to be invested into IT in the past to enable businesses to tackle complex data. It is quite meaningless to invest extensively in IT since this platform took on the data-related task previously reserved for the IT department. This makes it different from other platforms which shift such tasks between stakeholders. It has an in-Chip engine which maximizes the use of computational resources thereby eliminating any need for the maintenance of massive hardware or software stacks. It also makes data readily available to analysts and administrators leaving IT professionals to focus on their core tasks.

4. Sharing of Insights

After data is analyzed, users get detailed insights which they might want to share with others. With the user-friendly dashboard of this application, it is possible to share such insights with colleagues, partners, and other stakeholders. With the use of very robust visual reports, the need to go through hassles of preparation is eliminated. Even a non-techie catches on to the interface fast, which is why using it to share insights is seamless.

Sisense integrates easily with other applications and with the ability it has to bring disparate data sets together, it is no wonder why every size of business has adopted it to help them improve their business intelligence.

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