Zoho Creator BPM Software Review


Zoho offers a complete business solution and can be used to handle time management and inventory control. It effectively combines web design elements and coding. Users are not required to have any knowledge about core coding to be able to use this BPM software. This is because every component needed by a user to build a web application is packed with this powerful software. Because its learning curve is not steep, even a new developer can easily grasp how to use this application. There are so many benefits derived from those who use this software. Some of them include:

1. Easy Building of Systems

Zoho offers all the tools you need to build a system just the way you want it. With this application, it is possible to build a complete tax system. It can also be used to design an inventory or ordering system. Building web applications are quite easy since it does not require any knowledge in core coding.

2. Inventory Control

One of the most tasking things in operations of a business is inventory control. Using Zoho makes the task a bearable one. Every aspect of controlling inventory is handled seamlessly using this application. It allows for a lot of things to be automated, thereby making life easy for the user.

3. Integrations

Users of this application have a wide range of applications at their disposal. Zoho is designed to integrate seamlessly with various applications. It allows its users to add any application which would help them perform their businesses better.

4. Communication

Zoho integrates well with a lot of messaging APIs, so users are never short of a medium of communication. Whether it is a promotional material or any other kind of message, SMS can be used to send messages to customers. This helps promote the ability of a business to communicate with their customers effectively. One of the messaging APIs which integrate with Zoho is Twilo and users have an option of adding any messaging API of their choice.

5. Recurring Functions

Recurring activities are easily automated with Zoho. This saves users the inconvenience of having to go through the same process again when they need to produce the same kind of report for the same customer on a regular basis. For businesses who have steady and regular customers, the benefits of this feature can never be overemphasized.

6. Security

One of the major concerns which need to be addressed by a BPM software is security. Zoho handles this pretty well with its ability to have outsiders restricted.

7. Geotagging

You can determine the environment where you want this application to operate. By easily using the geotag feature, you can decide to operate Zoho in an office environment only.

Zoho offers a cool app which offers an easy to scale software database in addition to a seamless workflow process. It is a tool for small businesses which saves its users a lot of time and effort. Its ability to integrate with other applications increases the options of Zoho users.

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